"A Moving Street Dance Block party"


Cypher Sundays is a pop-up street dance cypher that aims to explore iconic locations of our city to capture freestyle dance in its purest form. We aim to cultivate raw street dance culture and capture pure freestyle moments through photography and video. We are a creative diverse group of dancers of all styles, ethnicities, and gender. This cypher is not about competition or fame, but purely to express and share our energy and inspire others for the love of dance.



Freestyle is the Formula.

What makes Cypher Sundays different from the rest is it is purely fueled by organic movement and improvisation of the group. Advocated by Tetris & Oxan of Styles of Eon, the cypher begins at a specific meeting location and from that point on it's pure freestyle. The destination is unknown. We take sharp turns and cut through alleyways, we look for beautiful architecture, landscapes, and use the environment and people around us to accent our dance. We hop from location to location, dancing and capturing the soul pouring out of us through the music. In simple terms, Cypher Sundays is a moving street dance block party. Whether you are a dancer, photographer, or just someone who wants to come hang out,  join us and and let's get creative.