Have fun, relax, and improvise!

Choose carefully where the meeting location is (is it easy to find or get to?). It's also wise to cypher at the meeting location for at least an hour to allow people coming late to catch up. 

Choose beautiful and interesting areas to dance at. If you were to film a dope dance video how would you like the background to be? Easy rule you can apply is: look for symmetry, bright colors or texture, interesting people or crowds, monuments and landmarks, etc.

Map out the starting location and potential ending spot. It's good to know the in-between stopping locations but you don't have to stick with it. Be mindful about the distance you are walking also, you don't want to burn out the vibe or energy. Walking score should be great where you can find something interesting within 15mins. 30min + to the next location should be avoided. 

Explore and be curious!


The most epic and artistic shot of the day is going to be featured as the cover image. This image should be a combination of a great dancer paired w a great scene/environment. Reference the homepage of for ideas.

Be consistent with when you post the photos/videos. Typically the photos should be posted 1-2 days after the event. This helps carry the excitement throughout even after the event. Videos can be edited and posted to help promote the next session (2-3 weeks after).

Don't forget to take a group photo!


Music should be prepared before the event. It's best when the music is diverse so it caters for all types of dancers. We recommend having more energetic music in the beginning since most people will be warming up and most will be shy.

Pay attention to the cypher and crowd, switch accordingly. Sometimes when the cypher starts to die down, it may also be a good time to switch locations. Feel it out.

You will get playlist requests frequently. You be the judge, but usually we ask people to suggest songs on the FB group so we can consider it for the next cypher. This allows the DJ to keep playing music w/out interruptions. Switching the playlist and playing one off songs can disrupt the energy and can also run you into technical issues (soundcloud, youtube, spotify not connecting).


Be sure to post a status update on location each time you stop at a new location. People may be trying to catch up and may be frustrated if the locations are not updated promptly.


Mission Statement

Cypher Sundays is a monthly street dance cypher that aims to explore iconic locations of ____________ to capture freestyle dance in its purest form. We promote the hiphop movement, aiming to cultivate raw street dance culture and capture pure freestyle moments through photography and video. We are a creative diverse group of dancers of all styles, ethnicities, and gender. This cypher is not about competition or fame, but purely to express and share our energy and inspire others for the love of dance.

EVent Page Template

Meeting Location: xxx

Meeting Time: xx:xx

Things to remember:

1) This is a freestyled moving cypher, please show up promptly! If you know you will be arriving late, keep an eye on this thread to see location updates. We will be posting locations w a photo at each stop.

2) Photography and Video has been a huge part of Cypher Sundays to express and capture our dance in creative ways. GoPros, Cameras, props, and even dressing up, is highly welcomed. Let's get creative.

See yall there!
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General rule for typography: Use Tungsten Medium for all headings. Tungsten is a bold and narrow font that is great for headings and looks great when in all caps. Headings should be short and sweet, avoid having more than 2 lines of text wrapping. If it needs to be longer it should not be used as a heading.

For all other text/copy you can use any system font such as Georgia.

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